The main form is where a profile is selected and First
Officer Home's main application.

From here the response voice can be selected - there are
currently three voices available through SAPI.
First Officer will include any other voices already on your

A check mode allows you to check commands without the
keypresses being sent by your computer.

Commands can be output to a file to act as a crib sheet as
you may want to create many commands.

Select the profile you want to use from this screen.
With PTT(Push-to-talk) technology a joystick or keyboard
key can be programmed to enable First Officer Home to
only listen when the PTT button/key is pressed.

There is also an option to set the PTT button/key as locked

The editor is where each profile is created/edited for First
Officer Home.

Any key combination can now be programmed.
This means CTRL+SHIFT+3 is a valid key combination.

Commands can also be set to play back at the speed they
were recorded - this will come in handy when a
key/combination is required to be held down for a certain
amount of time.

Synonym/Antonym funcitonality is entirely new to First Officer
Some applications require the same key such as
G to
represent two commands e.g raising and lowering the
First Officer Home contains switching functionality to prevent
the undercarriage from being raised when you issue a
command to lower the undercarriage.
Synonym/Antonym funcitonality is completely configurable.