7 June 2008 First Officer Home Edition released.
20 April 2008 First Officer Lite released.
23 March 2008 Testing phase of Home Edition.
7 March 2008 Beta 1.2 released
2 March 2008 Beta 1.01 released
29 February 2008 Beta of First Officer released for free

Thank you to everybody for your useful feedback.
The new Beta 1.2 release includes some of the changes you have asked for.
Please keep the feedback coming - TeboWeb depends on you for improving First

Let me know what you like and what could be improved in First Officer
Guy Thiebaut

New/fixes in First Officer Beta Release 1.2

-Settings automatically saved on exit(loaded profile/PTT/voice etc settings saved).

-Speech recognition engine improved.

-Editor will allow new commands to be inserted between already existing commands
rather than defaulting to the final command.

-Issues with editor not always prompting to save changes now fixed.

-Issues with deletion of commands, in editor, re-ordering other commands now fixed.

Fixes in First Officer Beta Release 1.01

-When out of check mode the First Officer graphical interface is no longer refreshed -
this is to prevent screen flickering on some installations.

-First Officer will now include all available voices on your computer system.

-Editor - Previously the editor could be exited without being prompted to save
changes.The save dialog now appears after any changes have been made.

-Confirmation Beep - there is now a facility to turn the beep off.

-PTT/Listen Lock will remain checked/unchecked when the
editor and Set PTT key form
is opened (although listening mode will be disabled then re-enabled when First Officer is
returned to).

-Various small cosmetic changes to the user interface.

Issues being looked into

29 February 2008

Currently First Officer listens to keys for PTT functionality.
The consequence of this is that if the user's joystick cannot be configured to emulate
the keyboard, PTT functionality cannot be assigned to a joystick button.
A fix in being implemented to enable joystick buttons, on all joysticks,to be configured
for PTT functionality.

We are also looking enabling multiple control key combinations.

10 June 2008

These issues are now fixed in the First Officer Home Edition.
Check here regularly for news on First Officer
We have done it...

First Officer Home Edition is now
available for download.