Simply say a command such as "lower undercarriage" and First Officer will press the keys you have pre-programmed for
the command.

First Officer will also confirm the keys have been pressed by speaking a pre-programmed response through the
speakers/headphones attached to your computer - such as "
undercarriage being lowered".

Commands, keypresses and responses are only limited by your imagination.

Your in-game workload will be greatly reduced with First Officer.

Gone are the days of having to read 45 minutes of text to a computer; speech recognition technology has come a long way
in the last 5 years.
Lengthy speech recognition training is no longer required and individual commands can be trained when needed.

First Officer uses PTT (push-to-talk) technology.
Allowing you to press a button on your joystick and speak the command.
You choose which button or key you want to act as the PTT button.

With a check mode you can say your commands in order to see which keystrokes will be used without them actually being
performed - this enables a command to be checked outside of the simulation environment.

Also included is an antonym/synonym feature where opposing commands with the same keystrokes can be made to act as
switches (click on one of the images above for more information on this feature).