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TeboWeb is starting to make software open source.
I am starting with TeboCam with the advent of TeboCam 3.
There is a license with this source code - please read it!

Most of all - I need your help - I need people to help in the open source project with the following skills:

The Source Code

Please read the following article before contacting TeboWeb regarding the source code: 10 golden rules for starting with open source - it is a good starting point for understanding open source, whilst the use of the word 'karma', in the article,is technically incorrect if you replace it with the words 'bank account balance' you may get a better understanding...
The article is a great introduction as to what to expect from TeboWeb as well as what to expect in getting involved in open source.

I have been working on TeboCam for the past four years and the code is constantly being improved.
I use GIT for version control with GIT Extensions as the GUI for managing version control.
My inspiration began after reading Andrew Kirillov's excellent arcle on Motion Detection Algorithms on The Code Project.

TeboCam is written by one man with varying standards of code - meaning some of the code will be easy to follow while other parts will have you asking 'why the hell did he do that?' - well I am in the process of cleaning things up and I am open to suggestions.
TeboCam has been a case of writing something that works rather than something that is necessarily brilliantly coded - that part comes now...

The source code is currently written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 - in all likelihood you will need to allow your more recent version of Visual Studio convert the solution file.
The download links below will link to a zip containing the source code.
There are also a number of DLLs that you will require too(included in the zip).

To give you some idea of what the source code consists of here are some statistics:

~31,000 lines of code in total(excluding dlls)
~16,000 lines of manually entered code
~ 5,000 blank lines
~ 2,200 lines of comments


Please consider donating

All of this is provided free to you which is what makes this such a great project.
Please bear in mind the time and effort I put into this and how I have to pay for this both in website costs and development costs - I need to buy new webcams, even new computers and hardware sometimes...
You may also just want to express your appreciation and donating is a great way to do this.

You can make a donation through PayPal.


Contacting TeboWeb

Please bear in mind that I have a full time job and TeboWeb is my hobby.
That said TeboWeb has been a second job to be for the past 5 years+.

There is currently no documentation available other than comments within the source code.
If you would like to help document TeboCam then please contact me.

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