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TeboCam history


On moving into a new property I was concerned about getting burgled for the third time in my life.
So on investigating I found a very good piece of free software to monitor where I was staying.
This piece of software did a lot but not everything I wanted.

So I wrote a piece of software to regularly monitor the output from this software to send me emails if movement was detected.

This worked very well...
A colleague asked me about the software I was using and I started to investigate writing the software I wanted rather than using what existed with the other program I had written.


So I started writing the software.
My work colleague expressed interest in the software and very soon there was a large list of amendments to this first edition.
With these changes TeboCam came about and I decided to publish TeboCam online.

Within the first month there were even more request for changes.

Since its release in December 2009 TeboCam has evolved enormously.
It's because of the user community that TeboCam is such a popular and well used piece of software.

And yes - I use TeboCam to monitor my property every day - and TeboCam fulfills everything I need with regards to feeling secure about my property while I am away from it.
This said it is always exciting to hear what the user community wants and to try and provide what is requested.

So thanks go out to all of you for using TeboCam and providing me with the challenge, excitement and fun of developing TeboCam.

Keep using TeboCam and let others know about TeboCam.