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TeboCam ideas

Below are some ideas for how TeboCam is used, by others,and how you could make use of TeboCam.

This is what Tebocam was designed for - configure TeboCam to email you when motion is detected, or simply to save the images to the computer or a folder connected to a site such as Dropbox (so that your images are stored away from the computer in case your computer is stolen).
Giving you that added reassurance while you are on holiday or at the office during the day.

Door watch:
Have a shop?
Set up TeboCam with the draw area option to monitor every customer who comes through the door of your shop - you can even get TeboCam to play a sound when motion is detected (such as a bell).

Computer security:
Are you a student?
Use TeboCam to monitor your own computer while you take that five minute break to get a coffee in the library - in the unlikely event of your computer being taken you will have emails of the person taking your laptop...

Nature watch:
Point a webcam at your back garden to capture images of birds, squirels or even deer.

Time watch:
Using the publish facility you can take a picture evey 30 seconds(frequency is configurable) of the changing landscape.
Work in a city? Why not set TeboCam to take pictures of that skyscraper being built across from your office.